In the work of Jonny Church, lines and forms in the environment emerge as abstract constructs: the organisation of form in space, as he seeks to convey both the conspicuous and the intangible in his surroundings. Layers of paint are built up, then partly erased, sometimes effaced, scratched and scored – leaving traces of previous mark making; an ethereal record of time.

Strata 1
Winter River
White Forms
Old Hunstanton Beach
Disk Traces 1
Still Waters
Thawed Surface
Disk Traces 2
White Cells
Cold Insomnia
Surface 1
Urban Forms
Surface 3
Surface 4
Landscape 1
River Forms
Ice Traces
River Stones
No 57
Rock Forms
Urban Forms 2
Sugar Loaf, Abergavenny
Ice Forms 3
Ice Marks
Shifting Forms 2
Circle 1
Submerged Moons
Ice Forms
Circle Works 2
Shifting Forms
Circle Works
Circle Dance
River Forms
Circle Dance 2
Avril 14th Part 2
Avril 14th Part 1
Just Another Hero
Back to Norway
Shelter 1
Shelter 3
Glen Coe Ridge 1
Glen Coe 2
Glen Coe 4
Glen Coe 3
Glen Coe
Blakeney, Norfolk 2
Gog Magog Hill
Blakeney, Norfolk 1
Carmarthen, Wales
Blakeney Summer
Blakeney Autumn
Fenland Evening
Fenland Morning
South Coast
Sea, Sand, Rocks and the Deep
Return to the Shore